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Meet the PMO!

The Program Management Office (PMO) reports to the Executive Sponsors and is led by Program Manager, Helen O’Malley, and Deputy Program Manager and Technical Lead, Chris Guido.

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Program Management Leadership

Headshot of Helen O'Malley
Helen O'Malley

Program Manager

Helen keeps the BEST Program moving forward – outlining project tasks and milestones, meeting with the team and individually each week with each member, reviewing deliverables, thinking 3-6 months out about what needs to be done by whom to get us to the right place, and meeting with agencies to brief them on the project and the work being done.

Headshot of Chris Guido
Chris Guido

Deputy Program Manager and Technical Lead

Chris is the Deputy Program Manager and is also responsible for managing the technical teams focused on Quality Assurance, Testing, Data Architecture, Conversion, Interfaces, and Security.

Technical Leadership Team

Headshot of Kevin Kecy
Kevin Kecy

Quality Assurance & Testing Director

Kevin focuses on all aspects of Quality Assurance  (QA) and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodologies and manages a team of five testers.

Headshot of Matt Kristin
Matt Kristin

Technical Implementation Lead

Matt is responsible for tasks related to planning the approaches and overseeing the implementation of data integration, data conversion, systems operations, and security requirements of the new Financial Management and General Ledger solution.

Headshot of Thomas Cesso
Thomas Cesso, CISSP

Risk & Compliance Lead

Thomas provides leadership, facilitation, analysis, and design expertise to ensure that new business protocols, procedures, and software configuration of the solution will support the Commonwealth’s fiscal laws, regulations, and policies. Tom also supports the analysis of new business software and procedures to ensure they are in alignment with industry best practices and are compliant with the Commonwealth’s fiscal laws. This involves work on identifying and mitigating risk across all business functions.

Functional Leadership Team

Headshot of Catherine Quan
Catherine Quan

Financial Lead

Catherine ensures all finance-related functions are included in the new system with improved functionality, efficient business process, and improved user experience. These functions include Vendor Management, Procure to Pay, Order to Cash, Operating Budget Management, Acquire to Retire, Cash Management, Debt Management, Grants Management, Financial Reporting, and Cost Allocation.

Image of a silhouette
Odile Breton

Financial Reporting Lead

Odile focuses on items such as the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and Statutory Basis Financial Report and how these important annual financial reports for the Commonwealth will be produced in the new solution.

Headshot of Bill Weiss
Bill Weiss

Human Capital Management & Payroll Lead

Bill focuses on the Human Resources related capabilities (Recruiting, Onboarding, Learning Management, Personnel Administration, Performance Management, Leave Management, Time & Attendance, etc.) with an eye towards bringing these many capabilities, currently supported by HR/CMS and a host of separate disconnected ancillary systems, into a single interconnected solution that meets the needs of our users throughout the Enterprise.

Organizational Change Management Leadership Team

Headshot of Christine Jacinto
Christine Jacinto

Organizational Change Management Lead

Christine oversees four teams relating to Communications, Training, Readiness, and Support and will work closely with Commonwealth agencies to understand their unique needs and foster excitement for the new solution as we work with leaders and staff to adapt to new business methodologies. 

Headshot of Caroline Russell
Caroline Russell

Communications Lead

Caroline is responsible for developing materials and strategies to help illustrate the vision, tasks, and status of milestone events for the project.

Operations Team

Headshot of Janet Briand
Janet Briand

Program Coordinator

Janet is responsible for overseeing a variety of activities for the BEST PMO, including planning, complex scheduling, analysis, onboarding new staff members, vendor coordination and ensuring successful day-to-day operations for the team.

Headshot of Jon Howard
Jon Howard

Procurement & Contracts Manager

Jon manages the schedule and cadence of BEST Program procurements, working with the program management office to ensure that service and product deliverables are made on time.